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A Brief Overview

Everest is a decentralized value exchange platform with built-in KYC made up of three components: EverID, EverWallet and EverChain.

EverID - biometrically based identification encompassing user biometry, institutional attestations and claims, and community endorsements. All identity elements are atomically shareable, traceable, and verifiable.

EverWallet - a digital wallet that is able to store both tokens as well as documents, and to exchange tokens or documents with other instances of EverWallet.

EverChain - a private, permissioned Ethereum blockchain which is designed to scale in both speed and block height.

At Everest, we believe in developing “Openly Proprietary” solutions which leverage open source software in a proprietary software stack. Why do we do this - it is truly the best of both closed source and open source software. We are strong proponents of the open source software movement, and contribute back to those projects we utilize, however, there are certain elements of our solution which are so sensitive that we should keep those secret.

This is a very similar approach to Apple Inc. They built their operating system above BSD, a well known open source project, however, included a series of innovations above BSD which they have kept private. They continue to contribute to open source projects that they utilize, but do not release all of their software under Open Source licenses.

For more information please visit Everest's Web Site